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Latest news

11-09-2015: Follow us on the Social Media to get the latest news and updates.

01-09-2015: Remember Me Button Available:

  • After a lot of requests the Remember Me Button is here!!!

01-07-2015: New Summer Update:

  • The new spell and all the new stuff is also here!!!

07-06-2015: Clan wars New update:

  • Clan wars Manager is here!!!

13-05-2015: New design:

  • Finally the new design is here.

01-05-2015: New update:

  • The Air Sweeper has arrived in less than 12 hours.

09-03-2015: New update:

  • The minimum time to finish your village with your currents builders upgraded.

02-02-2015: New update:

  • The Carpenter's Report improved.

17-01-2015: New update:

  • Graphs.

15-01-2015: New update:

  • The Miner's Report improved.

02-01-2015: New update:

  • The Carpenter's Report improved.

25-12-2014: Clan Wars Reminder!!!

  • Set the next Clan Wars and we'll send an e-mail to your clanmates just before the Clan Wars start and finish.

15-12-2014: New update:

  • Favorite users and clans.

14-12-2014: Bug solved.

  • The offensive score didn't count the heroes level.

11-12-2014: Christmas Update(Clash of Clans Update).

  • Giant level 7, gold mine and elixir collector level 12 and other minor changes.

08-12-2014: New update: Allied and enemy clans.

  • You can visit other clans and choose as allied or sworn enemy!

05-12-2014: New rankings pages!!!

  • Strongest Clan Ranking!
  • Strongest User Ranking!

03-12-2014: Discover the strength of your village and the new clan page!!!

  • New village and troops score similar to Clan Wars Map Ranking!
  • Find the stronger clans with the new clan score!
  • New clan page with the same functions that the game!
  • New Clan chat page!
  • Main chat!

11-11-2014: Now you can create your avatar!!!

  • Upload the image you like!

31-10-2014: The architect is here!!!

  • Freshly made information of your village.

27-10-2014: The strategist has arrived!!!

25-10-2014: New update!

  • Now you are able to visit other clans and users.

22-10-2014: Clash of Clans Update!

  • Clash of Clans Manager updated with the new mortar and the new skeleton trap.

18-10-2014: First Update!

  • You can use the webpage without being logged in.
  • The Carpenter's Report improved.

15-10-2014: Let's start!

    That's the Beta version, We are working on:
  • Use the webpage without login (Won't save your data for the next time).
  • The architect.
  • The strategist.
  • Get more info of the other councilors.
  • Visit other users.
  • Visit other clans.
  • Get a user's avatar.
  • User's achivements.
  • Show some graphs.
  • Users ranks.
  • Clans ranks.
  • Improve the clans management.
  • Forgot your password option.
  • Design and interface improvements.
  • And all your suggestions.